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Brunette, Montreal, Provider, Companionship, Escort, High class


Your Montreal companion, safe space and friend

(with benefits)

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I’m Tania Mae, a sweet and charming brunette from Montreal. 

Always eager to please, I tend to have a cheeky spirit and a strong desire to spread my legs - my love*. Deep conversations and good laughs fulfill me. I've been told that what sets me apart is my warmth, empathy and blowjobs but above all, I think it's my sense of humour and lively personality that will charm you first ;)


I truly believe that everyone is worthy of love and affection and I have made it some sort of mission, over the last several years, to leave people with a sense of belonging and comfort.

Self-care is an essential part of my daily life and I like to think of our encounters as a form of the same. So... let's indulge in a little mutual self-caring, shall we?

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Incall located near Atwater metro station in Montreal, QC

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